• Jul28

    The Town of Light gets a demo!

    Today we launched a free demo for The Town of Light on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! To celebrate we created a brand new trailer! Click HERE to watch it (and don't forget to give our YouTube page a sub!)

    To download the demo, visit the Xbox or...

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  • Jul28



    As you may have heard, we’ve been working on new content and updates for Super Dungeon Bros. We’ve been listening to all your comments and we’re really excited about where we’re at.

    So what’s happening? Firstly, a big update is incoming:

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  • Jul26


    Today we announced our partnership with Mental Health Charity, TakeThis. This is part of a year-long campaign to raise awareness of the importance of Mental Health. TakeThis, is a non-profit charity that seeks to inform our community about mental...

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  • Jul25

    Building Motorhead Through The Ages

    People often ask how the Victor Vran expansion, Motörhead Through The Ages, came to be. How the hell do you get a rock band in an ARPG? To answer this, Creative Producer, Achim Heidelauf fills us in on what went down, and surprisingly it all started...

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  • Jul17

    Designing The Town of Light box art

    The Town of Light is a rich world, both in the context of its history and story, but one of its most standout elements is the incredible art. Produced in house by artists at Tuscany based studio, the illustrations within the game underpin...

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  • Jul17

    Reddit AMA with Achim Heidelauf, Creative Producer of Victor Vran

    Whether You’re Wondering What it Takes to Make a Great Action RPG or Just Curious if He Would Rather Fight 100 Duck-Sized Horses, Join Achim on July 20 at the iama Subreddit

    We are delighted to invite fans to join Motörheadbanger, Friend of Lemmy Kilmister and Executive Producer of Victor Vran, Achim Heidelauf of Haemimont Games, for an official Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session at 12pm EST (5pm BST) on Thursday,...

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  • Jul14

    My Town of Light Trailer

    Create and explore The Town of Light in a short Video!




    We’re asking fans to create a short feature, displaying the emotion within The Town of Light!



    One signed Collector’s Editions of The Town of Light, plus an...

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  • Jul06

    La Bambola

    Luca Dalcò discusses the symbolism behind Charlotte

    At a recent press event in Italy, we sat down with The Town of Light developer to discuss ‘La Bambola’.

    In this new video, studio head and screenwriter Luca Dalcò discusses the symbolism behind Charlotte, one of The Town of Light’s...

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  • Jun30

    F#ck You Lloyd Kaufman

    Today Wired Productions are delighted to announce our first movie, shot in conjunction with Troma Entertainment and starring Victor Vran star and Hollywood legend, Lloyd Kaufman.

    The lovingly titled ‘F#ck You Lloyd Kaufman: An Interview from Hell’...

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  • Jun22

    Victor Vran and The Town of Light Collector’s Editions now shipping!

    Great news!

    The Collector's Editions of Victor Vran and The Town of Light are now shipping! Head to the Wired Shop to pick up your copy!

    The Town of Light Collector's Edition

    A beautiful Collector's Edition for all fans of The Town of Light....

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