In which we discuss the joys of After Effects, Format QA and our first trailer.

As another week sails on by, we’re reeling in the launch of Lets Fish! Hooked On - eek! And excitement was certainly rife throughout the Wired office this past week, with both our production and PR team overcoming some major obstacles.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ch

First off, our production team have tackled challenge after challenge in preparing the game for Format QA, and with the same steadfast grit and determination shown throughout the project, finally, after weeks of emails, testing, fixing and regression, we’re there! Hurrah!

It’s been an equally exciting week for our PR and Marketing team as the first Let’s Fish! Hooked On   trailer has been prepped and readied in-house, for release this week! – keep a close eye on our Facebook  and Twitter pages for details. This will be the first of many game play trailers that we’ll be releasing to launch, and beyond. The trailer to be released this week will give you a first look at the game’s many features, including a look at the four main game modes.


Developing the trailer in-house has certainly been a challenge, but it’s not been without its rewards. It’s the first in-house trailer where we’ve really tried to get to grips with, and make use of, After Effects, and it’s safe to say the team has done a flipping good job!  We’re really excited for you to see it, and hope you’ll share your thoughts and comments on our Facebook and Twitter pages later in the week. 

We’ve also been busy creating a host of Let’s Fish! Hooked On Avatars, Wallpapers and Themes that we hope will be available across the PlayStation Network shortly after the game launch.  Make sure you look out for those as a great way of adding a Let’s Fish! feel to your PlayStation experience.

We’re also very happy to say that we’re talking with Sony America to prepare the game for its US release!  So stay tuned for further news regarding our collaborations.

Finally, make sure you head over to our Facebook  and Twitter pages. As always, we’d love to hear from you, not to mention we’ll soon be revealing some pretty exciting news about the Let’s Fish! website going live!

P.S. And for all those wondering /concerned, we’ve managed to keep Godzilla at bay. For the time being.