Let’s Fish Rocks! Meet the man behind the game’s cool anime art style

One of the things that sets Let’s Fish! Hooked On apart from other (fishing ) games is our beautifully designed, anime-style characters. Ryuji, Jamie, Kano and Ai (and of course, Ponde- you have met Ponde, right?) form our little Let’s Fish! Hooked On family, and we have one person to thank for them -  Poyoyon ❤  Rock  - we thought it was about time for a proper introduction.

Born 13th July 1969, Poyoyon ❤  Rock is a pseudonym of one Akio Watanabe. She, apparently, is his young, red-haired, female alter ego.

For all you anime fans out there, you’ll recognise Poyoyon ❤ Rock’s work in hits like Popotan and Netrunmon, where the keen eyed of you are sure to spot the infamous Poyoyon ❤  Rock trademarks. Green bracelets and randomly placed plasters are amongst the animator’s distinctive hallmarks; maybe you can even spot them on our very own Let’s Fish characters…?


Akio Watanabe is also famed for his work on Japanese novel, Bakemonogatari and more recently, The World God Only Knows. The Poyoyon ❤ Rock pseudonym may be a tricky thing for our non-avid anime fans to get their heads round, but Watanabe has often used the Poyoyon ❤ Rock as a pseudonym to release other work under.

Watanabe lives in Tokyo and is an active member of the dojinshi circle, (that is, a group that self-publishes magazines, manga, novels etc.), Pokopii. He has honed his craft over the years, listing his influences as Mutsumi Inomata and Yoshikazu Yasuhiko.


We feel incredibly proud to have collaborated with SIMS on Let’s Fish! Hooked On and having Poyoyon ❤ Rock’s character designs in-game has definitely helped expand the market for the game, beyond that of a typical fishing game. 

We just hope that you love the Let’s Fish! Hooked On characters cast as much as we do!


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