Is it a route to failure or success?

People often go through life and work without any care and attention to deadlines.  Time means nothing, “Manjana rules”… “It get’s done when it gets done”. In some cultures this is a great attitude. Life over work. YAY. “Let’s leave things to life and fate”…  “Buddha will look after me”. But this isn’t about work, nor karma. This is about life and living and ultimately doing what you can to push forward and progress. In our modern culture both are interlinked, and how you act in work, in most cases is the same as you act in real life, and visa versa!

So in my world, deadlines are the same as goals really. It is great to set deadlines and goals…. more please…. MORE!  Having no regards for deadlines and goals… well, more often than not it causes a sequence of negativity. What does that mean? Well, basically in work life, if you miss your deadlines, it means products slip, release slots are missed, momentum is lost, a host of other interested parties get affected, people lose money, etc. etc. As you can see… a knock on effect in a myriad of ways, “Sliding Doors” style!

It is good to set yourself goals, and deadlines, as it helps focus the attention, and more importantly… it helps get things done! Whether it is a work task or a personal mission, set yourself deadlines, targets, goals, or whatever word you want to describe it as. Push yourself to set a target that is a little ambitious. Go that extra yard and set a goal that will challenge you. Set that deadline that means you need to be quick and not waste time! Climb that mountain. Jump out of that plane. Do that trip of a lifetime. Ask that girl they like out for a drink. Do It!

The reward is intrinsically fulfilling, and has a positive effect on things and people around you.

So… anyone reading this really should start today and set themselves a challenge.



Leo Zullo, MD, WP