Resistance is futile!

Digital life was a lot easier 15 years ago. The internet was just starting to spread. There weren’t many websites in existence. Modems made funny noises, and were painfully slow. Message boards, forums, ICQ, and Irc channels became the places to converse and meet like minded people. Or if you are REALLY old… remember the Usenet/ALT. system? Eeek!

Yup… digital life was pretty simple.

Then the bubble came… and went smile … and you really know you are in trouble when the marketing and buzz word’sters start getting involved and talking about Web 2.0. Damn them and the rollercoaster that has ensued.

Social was a word that was saved for nights out, or in (dependant on how old are).

Now it’s all about blogs, tweets, facebook, social media, blah, argh!

Well, we resisted for as long as we could… but now it is time to embrace Web 2.01b or whatever version we have managed to hop on to.

Yes, we have had to build a new website and stick some bells on it. The main reason we haven’t done it before is that we’ve been too busy, but now we have a few things to shout about. Hopefully people will hear about our rambles and experiences, and in theory tell others. So if you are reading… go on… tell others!


Leo Zullo, MD, WP