Thrills and spills at Rye House Raceway

Working in the videogame industry is a tough life!
Long hours, lots of deadlines and high expectations… but… sometimes… just sometimes it CAN be fun! 

So, last month, Wired shut down for the day, invited racing specialist developers Brain In A Jar, and our partners at Nordic Games along to leading kart raceway Rye House for a day of racing and some gratuitous Lazar Combat shooting and killing for lunchtime!  YAY… testosterone central!

Congrats to Thomas (Brains) who came first in the GP Race, Neil (Wired) who came second and Rob (Brains) who picked up third spot. Hard luck to Nik (Nordic) who was penalised for shady driving tactics and props to Angel for being the only female on a very male oriented day out!  Oh, and congrats to the Blue Team that kicked arse in the Lazar Combat smile

Good fun had by all!

Finally, a big thanks to Christine Taylor, and the team at Rye House for their hospitality, much appreciated.

Here are some photos of the motley crew in action.