This Week at Wired - 13-09-2020

September 13, 2020

This Week at Wired - 13-09-2020

This Week at Wired - Switch owners got a little less lonely together.

Hello again Wired fans and welcome to another roundup of what became quite a busy week of awesome gaming news!

Avicii Invector Encore released!

This week Nintendo Switch owners were finally able to dive into the neon fuelled journey through Avicii's chart topping discography.
Encore edition released worldwide, bringing 10 new songs to Avicii Invectors track list and a brand new world to soar through!

And even better, if you already own Invector, you can grab the new songs to add to the base game in the form of two brand new DLC packs.

Check out the launch trailer below!


The team at Wired Productions and Hello There Games are consummate music fans and aim to make an impact with our efforts.  All of AVICII Music’s net proceeds will go directly to the Tim Bergling Foundation, which advocates for the recognition of suicide as a global health emergency and promotes removing the stigma attached to the discussion of mental health issues.

 You can purchase Avicii Invector today from the following locations :

Nintendo Switch




Raising money for charity - Wired style!

It wouldn't be a Wired game launch without a top quality custom console to celebrate it!

We created five of these beauties, four of which were given away via competitions during the month leading up to launch - but the fifth we saved for an incredible cause.

We've partnered with Tiltify to create a raffle auction!

Raffle entries are available to purchase for just £5, with every single penny raised being donated to Safe In Our World, the video games mental health charity. The winner will receive a custom Nintendo Switch-Lite console and copy of AVICII Invector: Encore Edition.

Given the nature of Avicii's legacy which has included discussion mental health and awareness of it as a global issue - it felt only fair to honor that part of Avicii's story, and use the power of the Avicii fanbase and gamers worldwide to help support a charity which combines all of those elements in a powerful way.

You can find out more about The Safe In our World Charity here : https://safeinourworld.org/

And the auction itself here : Charity Auction

The Falconeer receives a release date!

The exciting news of the launch date for the Series X (and the announcement of the Series S!) caused a wave of next-gen hype across social media this week!

But the more eagle eyed among you will have realised this also puts a date on the launch of The Falconeer!

Which we handily celebrated with a tantalising glance at the Ursee in our new trailer :

On November 10th The Falconeer will soar onto Xbox One, Series X, Series S and Steam! 

Excited yet? We sure are!

You can make that wait feel a little bit shorter by pre-ordering the Day one Edition right now by clicking here : Day One Edition

For our American friends you'll want to be ordering from Gamestop for all your Falconeering needs : Falconeer Gamestop Preorder

Or keep an eagle eye on the game by adding it to your Steam Wishlist : The Falconeer on Steam

The Falconeer Beta continues to soar!

In further Falconeer news - applications for the upcoming Closed Beta are still being taken!

If you think you have what it takes to grab the Falcon by its, erm, talons, then show strength by applying for a place now!

Head over to the official Falconeer Discord for all the details and link to the form!


Okay that just about does it for now, a release date, a beta, a charity auction and a game launch - don't say we don't spoil you!

Keep an eye on our socials to catch updates as they happen!

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Until next time!