Close to the Sun



Close to the Sun is a horror game that takes place at the end of 19th century on a mysterious ship complex created by Nikola Tesla for the sake of knowledge.

In this alternative version of history, his scientific breakthroughs have already had a major impact on the world.

You’re Rose, a young journalist looking for your sister and, as you approach this enormous and glorious complex for the first time, you quickly realize that something there has gone wrong …


Key Features 

  • First-person horror adventure where surviving is everything

  • Problem-solving in order to progress the story: just what happened on board Tesla’s ship?

  • Danger aplenty as Rose pieces together just what happened, having no real means to defend herself

  • Teamwork with an ally who helps Rose navigate her way through the ship’s artistic halls

  • Nerve inducing exploration – defenseless and weaponless, the keys to Rose’s survival are running, hiding, and quick thinking

  • Explore a visually stunning environment Built in Unreal Engine™ 4.



It looks dark, it looks gory, and the trailer shows off a gorgeous Victorian era-meets-steampunk vibe - Kotaku

A little bit BioShock, a little bit SOMA - Gamesradar

Close to the Sun is looking like a unique, ambitious game, with an alternative history setting that puts the limelight on Nikola Tesla as one of its most major characters - Gamingbolt






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