Mauro Zullo | Business Development Manager

After the realisation had set in that I would never play professional football for my beloved Watford FC, I set my sights on a role that rewards me for helping businesses and their founders achieve their true potential.

I’m a straight-talking, no-nonsense individual whose passion is creating business opportunities and executing them. My experience has put me on a path to where I am now; a successful, hands-on International Business Development Manager. Wearer of multiple hats, I’ve spent the last few years delivering software solutions to international communication service providers.

Along the way, I set up and successfully managed one of the first Mobile Marketing technology agencies in South East Europe – implementing software as a service & platform as a service model at a time when this wasn’t the fashion. I introduced digital interactive signage to the same market covering all the major cities and music festivals.

The next stop on my journey allowed me to implement an extremely effective partnership management model. An example of this successful set up was the close relationship with Huawei (HQ China) which enabled the contracting and delivery of a number of high profile government-led telecommunication projects in Belarus, Russia, Cameroon and Mexico. It was during this seven-year period, I was responsible for new revenues of two Million Euros per annum.

Being born and bred in London, with Italian origins and currently living in Croatia, I have lived and worked in international environments for years; I thrive in diverse environments and have a keen sense of the importance of cultural business differences. All these skills and learnings I’ll bring to my work with Wired, and I’m determined to help the company to grow into new markets, while solidifying its already impressive ongoing business in all major international markets.

In my spare time I still try to fool myself into thinking that I can play football, pretend I am Rocky by slapping a bag and I bake a mean pie.

Most importantly, I try to be the best daddy ever.