Victor Vran: Overkill Edition

Victor Vran Overkill Edition is a critically acclaimed Action RPG from well-renowned development studio, Haemimont Games. Experience intense combat in your role as Victor, a demon bounty hunter laden with troubles from a past life that weigh heavily on his shoulders. Forge your own hero on a quest to rid the cursed city of Zagoravia from demonic monsters and malevolent creatures. Dodge deadly attacks from demonic creatures, leap from towering locations, and crush the skulls of your foes with brutal efficiency in the most action focused role playing game of 2017!

Available in digital and physical formats for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC/Mac, Victor Vran: Overkill Edition promises more thrills than ever before. Players and fans can experience the all-action game in  full,  alongside two brand new adventures: the ethereal Fractured Worlds – a challenging and empowering new expansion featuring a new chapter in the story of Victor Vran, and Motörhead: Through the Ages – a wild, rock adventure, inspired by, officially endorsed by, and starring, the loudest band in the world.

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Motörhead: Through the Ages

Enter the world of Motörhead: Through the Ages – a wild tour through the mythos of the loudest band in the world! Harness the powers of the immortal Motörhead to defeat deadly new adversaries in three demon-infested worlds intertwined with the songs of the band.

Many years ago, Lemmy stumbled upon a twisted dimension filled with pain. Suffering under the dominion of a cruel dictator, to this world Lemmy entrusted the mighty Snaggletooth that he may defend that world… but Snaggletooth now lies silent. Join Victor as he answers the call of Lloyd Kaufman – the bartender in The Pub at the End of Time, to investigate Snaggletooth’s mysterious downfall, in this most gripping new addition to Victor Vran.

Motörhead: Through the Ages was conceived back in 2014, with all three members of the band having been active consultants in its design and development.

Fractured Worlds 

Journey to the Fractured Worlds, a dimension formed from the fragments of broken realms. A perilous place for even the most experienced of hunters, explore its unfathomed depths through new levels and endless dungeons where each step proves more dangerous than the last. Continue your journey as Victor as you attempt to piece together the Astrolabe in this new, thrilling addition to Victor Vran.


Developed by well renowned studio, Haemimont Games, Victor Vran initially launched via Steam early access in February 2015 with the final version launching in July of the same year. Haemimont then teamed up with Wired Productions in the winter of 2016 to invade the Xbox One and PS4, with the Nintendo Switch launching 2018!


  • Forge your Destiny -- Stand against the rise of the demonic plague as an Adventurer, Cavalier, Highlander, Vigilante, Vanguard or Zealot. Unleash your own demonic powers through the choice of your hunting attire. 
  • Class Loot -- Utilize a range of weapons and items in your vast itinerary from Scythes and Shotguns to powerful Talismans and Destiny Cards. Choose your equipment wisely to create your ultimate Demon Hunter.
  • Character Progression - -Level up your demon hunter to gain increased renown levels. Craft and construct powerful new items with transmutation and adjust the difficulty accordingly with Casual, Normal and Hard modes for more challenging settings and greater rewards.
  • Dynamic Movement -- Heavily praised for its incredibly responsive controls and combat accuracy, Victor Vran allows you to jump, dodge roll as well as wall-jump to access hidden areas and secret crypts as well as engage in thrilling combat.
  • On & Offline Co-Op -- Explore the vast city of Zagoravia and its sprawling districts in 2 player couch co-op or take the battle online with up to 4 players including drop in/drop out gameplay. Hunt as a team, play alone or challenge friends in the deadly PvP arenas.
  • Acclaimed Voice Cast --Victor Vran supports an illustrious voice cast including; award winning Doug Cockle (The Witcher, The Book of Unwritten Tales 2, Dead Nation and Perfect Dark Zero), Andrew Wincott (Risen 3: Titan Lords, Scared 3 & The Witcher), Kerry Shale (Batman: Arkham VR, Randals Monday, Batman: Arkham Knight, Sacred 3), Elena Saurel (The Crew) and Maria Teresa Creasey (Spooks: The Greater Good, The Amazing World of Gumball).
  • Full Orchestral Soundtrack --The mystical city of Zagoravia is fantastically realized with astounding detail, striking architecture and a rich and vibrant orchestral score recorded by the world famous Sofia Session Orchestra. Victor Vran also includes The Tome of Souls and Cauldron of Chaos DLC!
  • Tome of Souls --A powerful spell-caster weapon that rewards mobility and clever positioning. The Tome of Souls can unleash devastating forays of magical attacks, teleport the caster and hamper enemies with crowd-control effects.
  • Cauldron of Chaos --An ever-changing dungeon providing randomized daily challenges and encounters for veteran demon hunters. This content is only available for characters of level 26 and above.



Ian Birnbaum, PC Gamer

"it was really refreshing to see an indie game with such a high level of polish applied"  

Francesco Destri, IGN

"Victor Vran is a hack'n'slash with its own personality"

Travis Huinker , Gaming Nexus

"Victor Vran is a great addition to the action role-playing genre with its entertaining gameplay elements"

Andrea Centini, Multiplayer.it

"One of the most successful exponents of the genre"

Christian Donlan, Eurogamer

"An engaging ARPG that comes with a handful of neat ideas"

Awards & Recognition

"Game Of The Year finalist" TIGA 2017 Awards

Winner of 4 awards at the BGA's!


For more information visit the official Victor website, the Facebook page or the Twitter page!

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