Alienware GRIP Steam key Reward

Ok, let's put this up front, you're a friend of Alienware, so you're a friend of ours!

If you've been lucky to get one of the 500 unique discount codes, you can claim a free copy of GRIP: Combat Racing! Add GRIP to your basket and use your code in the promo box!


BONUS 1 > Get 20% off across the site with promo code 'Save20!'
BONUS 2 > Get $5 bucks off across the site with promo code 'Save5'



What's the catch?

Done! As long as you have one of the 500 Alienware promo keys, you can claim your free copy!

Where will my key be shown?

Once you complete your sale, on the order confirmation screen, hit ' click here to download your digital code' your steam key will be visible and a link to the Steam store where you can redeem. If you click out before you copy the key, just click 'view my order' in your confirmation email!

I didn't get one of the 500 Alienware keys, can i still get a copy for free?

Sorry, but nope, once they're gone they're gone!

I need help! Where do I go?


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